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8 Plants That Last in Our Hot Hot Triangle Summers
May 02, 2019

1. Lantana:  verbena-like, extended bloom time, may be an annual or perennial, great in container gardens, attract hummingbirds and butterflies, prefer slightly acidic soil (just add pine needles!)

2. Zinnias: colorful flowers, can be sown from seeds---they don't like their roots being disturbed, attract butterflies

3. Celosia: perfect addition to border and rock gardens, intersperse between other plants for a burst of color, annual, may self reseed, likes well-drained soil

4. Pentas: slow growing perennials, common container or bedding plant, shrub-like and can grow rather large

5. Angelonia: fragant flowers perfect for cut flower beds, pots and window boxes, resemble snap dragons, no deadheading required

6. Portulaca: hardy, drought resistant annual, use in beds and containers in sandy soil with full sunlight, low growing ground cover, spreads easily

7. Periwinkle: thrives in shadier areas with acidic soil, great ground cover for erosion control, flowers April to May

8. Begonias: easy to grow, deer resistant annuals, great in beds or container gardens, prefer moist soil so don't forget to water them!


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