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Introducing Marcia...
May 02, 2019  |  Published by anonymous

World traveler, Want to be yoga guru, Theater aficionado, Small dog lover, Proud mother of 2 accomplished adult children.  

Marcia’s personality has a way of drawing people in which is true for us at the TBRG.  Steve shares Marcia’s dry humor and they knew they were kindred spirits when they got each other’s jokes.  Katie always admired Marcia’s generosity with helping newer agents or volunteering in the community, and Debbie was enchanted by Marcia’s travels and knew besides real estate they had another passion in common. 

Marcia has had many fine adventures in her life and has lived in all 4 U.S. times zones. All that relocating has given Marcia a special insight into the challenges of moving across the country or across town. Because she understands both sides of the moving equation, she is a valued real estate adviser to clients and friends. She has a knack for looking at the big picture and being able to personally relate to her client’s situation, while always keeping a sense of calm and purpose. Marcia joined our team in 2019 and will continue to serve the Triangle with knowledge, commitment and fortitude, only now with the “Advantage” of a team beside her. 

Fav Places: DPAC, Memorial Hall and Duke for cultural events, The Lantern, Crook’s Corner, O2 Fitness, Yoga anywhere it’s offered

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