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12 Tips to Make Moving Fun and Stress-free
May 02, 2019

Of course, we are all currently North Carolina residents. As a team, we’ve racked up an impressive list of other states we’ve lived. (This doesn’t include all the moving we’ve done within these states!)  

Between Katie and Steve, they have also lived in Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maine, Colorado, South Carolina, Florida, Kansas, Arizona, New Jersey, Louisiana, Hawaii and Alaska. Debbie has lived in Virginia (2 separate times) and Washington state. Marcia has also lived in California, Georgia, Minnesota, Florida, New Mexico, New York and Virginia. So, we know a thing or two about moving and what it's like to buy and sell when moving from state to state. Here are a few valuable tips we've picked up along the way.

  1. As you pack, it's a great time to go through your belongings. Only move what you need and absolutely want. As Marie Kondo says, “Believe what your heart tells you when you ask, “Does this spark joy?””          *Pro tip: Make Piles--  Charity, Trash, Yard Sale (if you're having one), Move/Keep
  1. Pack important items in an "Open Me First" box.
  1. Don't put important paperwork, etc. on the moving truck. Take them with you.
  1. Clearly label boxes with which room they go to. Even better, use brightly colored tape--color code with one color per room.
  1. Use sturdy boxes (free from many big box stores) and pack well: full but not too heavy, breakables together, use towels and linens instead of bubble wrap (when you can).
  1. Keep track by making both packing and unpacking lists of the contents of boxes and which boxes you've packed/unpacked.
  1. Unpack the kids' first! The boxes with their stuff, of course! :-)
  1. Let's the kids decorate the boxes.
  1. Play your favorite music! Dancing makes everyone feel better!
  1. Eat well. Have lots of healthy snacks on hand. Drink plenty of water.
  1. Have friends help and make it a party---say goodbye to old friends and hello to new ones.
  1. 2 words: Box. Fort.


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