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Would You Live In a Tiny Home?
June 15, 2021

I am rather obsessed with tiny houses. I research designs online and binge watch tiny house shows. I could totally see myself living tiny as a single person. My husband and I dream about have a small house (no…haven’t gotten to tiny for ourselves yet but we definitely aren’t big house people) as our primary home and then building tiny houses on our property for the kids to stay in when they visit. Maybe we would short-term rental them, too. They could be places of respite for family and friends in need, short or long term. Or a way our aging parents could live with us but still have their own space, privacy, and independence.

It can cost relatively little all the way to the sun and moon to build a tiny home. There are a lot of factors involved from who builds to materials used to which state you live in (rules regarding tiny homes). Some tiny home dreamers build their own using recycled materials while some buy pre-builts with high end materials. Do a little research and you will find a plethora of YouTube videos and books to buy. Designs range from utilitarian to creative—from those on wheels to those in trees. Literally, a tiny home can be whatever you imagine. My favorites are those with creative uses of space, lots of natural light coupled with amazing outdoor living.

There is a simplicity to (small and) tiny houses. A way to cut through the BS and let go of all that is unimportant — keeping only what truly matters and what we truly need. There is a place for everything, and space is thought out and used well. It is a real-life Marie Kondo experiment on a grand scale. Grab your magic wand and envision a tiny house life. What would we find in your tiny home?


*Check out great designs on Tiny House Tuesdays!  Debbie will post some of her favorites. Let us know what you like (or don't!) about the homes she posts.

You can check out Tiny Home life by renting one. The photo is of a rental in Chattanooga, TN.  How fun would that be?!


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